lesfleurdelys's Journal

brooklyn, New York, United States
Interests: (116)
!!!, (smog), ac/dc, adventures, alarm magazine, alice in wonderland, amusement parks, andy warhol, antique cameras, antique rides, art school, attics, big a little a, bikes, black dice, blonde redhead, boredoms, boston, breakin' 2 electric boogaloo, broadcast, building forts, cftpa, christmas trees, clinic, cocorosie, coney island, danger, debbie harry, deerhoof, devendra banhart, drive in theaters, edie sedgwick, edward gorey, elliott smith, enon, explosions in the sky, ferris wheels, ghosts, guns n' roses, harold and maude, haunted things, heart, holgas, horses, iggy pop, imaginary flowers, iron and wine, jandek, jim o'rourke, joan jett, joanna newsom, kayo dot, kim fowley, les georges leningrad, les savy fav, lewis carroll, liars, lightning bolt, low, m83, massart, matmos, medium format cameras, modest mouse, mum, my bloody valentine, nancy rexroth, neutral milk hotel, new york city, ninja high school, numbers, old books, old photo albums, olivia tremor control, oxes, palace music, pants yell!, photography, pj harvey, playing scrabble, polaroids, rabbits, rosemary's baby, sahara hotnights, secrets, silver apples, six organs of admittance, stereo total, taxidermy, the books, the count five, the cyclone, the easybeats, the fiery furnaces, the microphones, the mutter museum, the ocean, the pixies, the shaggs, the thunderbolt, the velvet underground, the witnesses, the zombies, tigers, tomlab, toy cameras, twiggy, velvet underground, wes anderson, why?, william faulkner, wmbr, wonder wheel, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo